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2017 - 2018 Capital Projects

Assisted Living Building 2017 - $1,300,000 (5,000,000  NIS)


There is currently a growing number of residents, with physical and severe mental disabilities, complicated by advancing age and degenerative conditions in need of 24/7 care. This two-story  facility will house residents with different types of disabilities under one roof. Alternative medical therapies and treatments will be offered together with spacious living areas for social interaction. (Matching funding available from Israel National Insurance and private donations.)

  • Six 70 sq.m. apartments with full nursing care facilities -$140,000 each

  • Entrance hall, rest and recreation area for residents -  $100,000

  • Fully equipped clinic - $140,000

  • Large emergency safety room -  $120,000

Therapy Programs

Animal Therapy Program - $25,000 (96,000 NIS)

Animal therapy is offered to residents of all ages, allowing them to work closely with the animals and take on responsibilities - feeding, caring for and maintaining the animals and their surroundings. Residents are taught to take care of others, instead of always being taken care of themselves.

By expanding on existing therapeutic care and supporting maintenance of an aesthetic pet corner in the home, an important and often prohibitively expensive therapeutic tool will be available to a large and challenged population.

Drama, Music and Movement Therapy (including year-end performance)– $40,500 (156,000 NIS)

The education program and a large part of therapeutic activities at Beit Uri revolve around intensive exposure to a range of art forms including music, and eurythmy (movement, music and words).These mediums compensate for a lack of intellectual skills and foster the harmonious development of the whole human being.

The introduction of large, specially- made instruments has produced rewarding results. Enabling the individual not only to hear, but also to feel vibrations through body movements, such musical activities become not only an acoustic but a holistic physical experience where the intricacies of tone, interval and rhythm provide invaluable stimulation.

Job-Inclusion Project : Café-Gallery- $40,000 (154,000 NIS)

The manager of the café has to date, successfully trained a corps of Beit Uri residents in a variety of positions including food preparation, serving, maintenance, sales and hospitality.  Luncheons can be ordered in advance for groups of students, municipality meetings, day seminars and families of residents celebrating events. There is, however, a need to upgrade the activities and services offered in ‘Café on the Hill’:

  • Funding for additional staff hours for food preparation, hiring assistant chef to lead baking and cooking courses

  • Baking and storage of baguettes equipment

  • Design and promotion of Café and take-away services

  • Outreach activities in the community with fliers, organizing open -house events, neighborhood get-togethers, musical café events

With the expansion of activities, the residents involved in this project will take on new responsibilities; improve their self- confidence, develop skills in interacting with the public and as a result feel less excluded by society.

By promoting and facilitating a sustainable business employing special needs adults who are  living collectively in a residential environment, Beit Uri can be the catalyst for developing productive relationships not only by benefitting the working residents and staff members, but also by drawing the public coming to the grounds to meet this population for the first time in many cases.

Beit Uri’s pilot business enterprise, will serve as an example of an organization that promotes  job-inclusion, proving that a mental handicap is not an obstacle, rather a challenge that can be overcome, while also providing a service to the neighbourhood in which it is situated.

Stage sound and lighting equipment – $35,000 (135,000 NIS)

Sign-language course for care–givers of deaf residents - $3,000 (11,500 NIS)


Greenhouse maintenance and herb-drying rehabilitation workshop - $4,500 (17,300 NIS)

Ceramic pottery kiln   - $8,500 (30,000 NIS)

Support Us​

Support a Beit Uri Resident -  $10,000 (38,500 NIS) annually


Afternoon activities in need of support and currently not covered by the general budget of the home include a wide variety of therapeutic services:  Pet therapy, physical, occupational and speech therapy, hydrotherapy and horse riding.

The clothing, food, education and living accommodations of each resident up to the age of 21 are covered by Israel’s Ministries of Education, Welfare & Social Affairs. Still needed is financial support for additional care-givers, extra afternoon arts and crafts workshops and various therapeutic activities.

$30,000 (115,500 NIS) would cover therapeutic activities for 3 residents for an entire year.

How to help:

Donate with JGIVE

Bank transfer:

Beit Uri

Bank Hapoalim

Commercial Centre, Afula Elite 18508

A/c no: 390216

Branch no: 12/738

Swift code: POALILIT

IBAN: IL42/0127/3800/0000/0390/216

Account name: Beit Uri


Tax deductable in US (Please request that your donation is forwarded to Beit Uri

Address: Givat Hamoreh Afula 1873704) :


Cheque payable to:

PEF Israel Endowment Funds, Inc

630  Third Avenue, 15th floor,

New York,

NY 10017-6745

Tax ID 13-6104086

​(212) 599-1260 • fax (212) 599-5981 • e-mail:  •

For more information: Jeanette Koll, Resource Development –

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