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Volunteers are an intrinsic and important part of every aspect of communal life at Beit Uri. Up to 15 German volunteers have chosen annually to spend a gap year in the village since its inception in 1969. In addition, young Israelis volunteer as part of their national service, in lieu of military duty, or in the framework of a pre-army year of community service.

For one or two years these volunteers live, eat and study in Beit Uri and are housed in recently renovated, spacious apartments. Young adults with an interest in working with individuals with special needs, who want to learn Hebrew, and are open to working in a multicultural setting are invited to apply for an unforgettable experience:

BOX Feature

Sophia Shrar, 2 year national army service -

“My life was enriched by meeting people from around the world, from cultures that I had never been exposed to. Working in the vegetable patch was the most meaningful experience for me: We sang together, worked in harmony – connected on a level I could never have imagined. I learnt that residents wear a different mask from others, but underneath they are the same as you and me…..Beit Uri was my home and it will always be."

Seria Kuiz -  German volunteer, with resident Danny Buchbut -

"I learnt to speak without words, to understand feelings, share experiences through different forms of communication. I found that one can discover in every person an entire world which at first is completely hidden. My time in Beit Uri was one of the most empowering, amazing experiences in my life. I have made friends from all over the world, from different cultures , and most important I have found a country I can call home and want to come back to…."

How to Volunteer?

For applications from Germany alone:



David Meier -

Maria Skoruppa -

Applications only accepted in the German language


Friedericke Steffens

Friedericke Steffens  -

Applications through the website only


Guy Band

Guy Band -

Applications through the website only:

For Volunteers from oversees apart from Germany applications:

Chen Ravon -Sheri  -

Phone number: +972 4 6511306

Documents needed for volunteer applications (in English) :

  • CV

  • Letter explaining motivations to volunteer in Beit Uri.


Following acceptance to Beit Uri documents needed for work visa application:

  • Copy of passport valid until 6 months after the conclusion of volunteer period.

  • 2 current passport photos

  • Police authorization of no criminal record (for male applicants authorization that candidate is certified to work with people unable to look after themselves)

  • Medical report confirming absence of contagious and psychological illnesses, general good health enabling work abroad with mentally challenged population.

  • Authorization of inoculation for Hepatitis A & B(within the last 10 years)

  • Health Insurance & Insurance for accidents covering volunteer period.

Volunteers from Israel

Chen Ravon -Sheri  -

Phone number: +972 4 6511306

Where volunteering can take you………

A former German volunteer to Beit Uri made a connection with the Gerhardt-Schoen special-needs school in Magdeburg, outside Berlin, chaired by Dr. Eckard Frey. Over the last few years this wonderful connection has led to several visits and an ongoing exchange of groups, in which Beit Uri residents were hosted in Sachsen-Anhalt (region where the school is located). In 2014 the president of Sachsen-Anhalt, Reiner Haseloff, was warmly received in Beit Uri and in a moving speech pledged funds towards the continuation of this very special connection between the two countries. 

The latest group from Beit Uri recently returned from another wonderful exchange in Germany.

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